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Don’t Forget About Your Heating Tune-Up


It is hard to believe that we are already a few days into September, isn’t it? Time moves quickly, and the fact is that we are going to be in the midst of the winter season once more before you know it. Don’t let the cold march of time catch you and your heater off-guard this year! Schedule your annual heating tune-up today, so that you know your heater will be there for you when you need it most this year.

Even better, take us up on your outstanding residential maintenance program. When you let the professionals on our team tune up your HVAC systems in Westport, CT, you can count on your systems functioning at peak performance levels. We believe that you deserve nothing less. Read on to learn about how routine maintenance benefits you and your heater, and what our maintenance plan has to offer. Winters in New England can be tough, but they are a lot more manageable when you come prepared. 

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

The benefits of routine heating maintenance really cannot be overstated. Scheduling annual maintenance with professional technicians is the only way in which you can hope for your heater to function as close to perfectly as possible. Now, no heater is ever going to operate 100% dependably. However, routine maintenance will get it as close to that ideal as it can be.

  • Reliability — heaters in this part of the country obviously have a lot of work to do. All of that work means serious wear and tear on your heating system, even after just one season. By scheduling routine maintenance to have your heater tuned up annually, you prevent the wear and tear on that system from developing into full-blown operational problems.
  • Efficiency — Considering just how much we run our home heating systems around here, it probably goes without saying that we want those heating systems to function at peak efficiency levels. After all, no one wants to drain the family budget just to live comfortably, right? While routine maintenance is not going to make your heater more efficient than it is rated for, it can help your system to optimize its efficiency in terms of its capability.
  • Performance — In addition to costing more to run, a poorly maintained heating system simply is not going to operate as well as it should. That leaves you to pay more for a lesser performance from your heater, and we believe that you deserve better than that. Get the most for your money when heating your home. Schedule professional maintenance.

Join Our Maintenance Program!

The benefits of our maintenance program are more than just those of routine maintenance. You also get the following — and more!

  • 15% Discount
  • Priority Service
  • Extra Savings
  • Discount on Duct Cleaning
  • Complete Service Records

Did we mention that routine heating maintenance is really the only way in which to ensure that your system is working safely, too? If you are not convinced of the merits of heating maintenance, even with all that in mind, contact us with any questions that you may have.

Leave your heating maintenance to Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

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