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Need a New Heater? Consider a Heat Pump!

AC-surrounded-by-moneyIt is hard to believe, but here we are more than halfway through August already! If you’re one of those people that loves the turning of the leaves and the cooler weather of the fall season, then this is a time of great anticipation indeed. That anticipation can quickly turn to trepidation for those dreading the onslaught of another cruel New England winter, though. All is not just because winter can be tough in this part of the country, however.

There are plenty of ways in which we can effectively heat our homes, after all. If you are ready to replace your existing heater, and you are interested in heating your home more efficiently throughout the coldest time of the year, there is one system in particular to consider. You may want to begin using a heat pump in Celco. Thanks to their unique method of heat transfer, using a heat pump is one of the most affordable ways in which to heat your home.

What Sets the Heat Pump Apart?

The way in which heat is generated — or, more accurately, is not generated. Think about your standard heating system, be it a furnace or boiler. These systems consume a fuel in order to generate heat with which to warm the house, right? Oil, natural gas, or propane may be burned, for instance, or electricity used to create heat. With a heat pump, on the other hand, existing heat is used to heat the house.

Now, that is not to say that you can just open the windows in the winter to let heat in the air — and there is heat in the air, even when it’s cold out — into your living space. That’s just silly. What the heat pump does is use the evaporative quality of refrigerant in order to absorb heat from the air outside. That refrigerant must then be compressed in order to boost its thermal energy. Only then can its heat be used to heat air that can be distributed throughout the house.

How Does This Work?

Just like an AC in reverse, really. In fact, the heat pump is an AC — one that actually can reverse its operation to heat a home, too. When in cooling mode, just like a central AC, the heat pump will evaporate refrigerant in its indoor unit. That allows heat to be removed from the home, and dispersed outdoors via the condenser coil/unit.

When in heating mode, however, the process is reversed. The refrigerant moves in the opposite direction, and is now evaporated in the outdoor unit. It is condensed in the indoor unit following its trip through the compressor. That allows its heat to be used in order to heat the interior living space.

Because this process uses only a very small amount of electricity, the cost of heating one’s home with a heat pump is quite manageable. Modern heat pumps are also better than ever at dealing with heating in very cold temperatures. Plus, you get an AC in the very same package!

If you think that a heat pump is right for you, contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

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