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Don’t Ignore These Strange Furnace Noises!


Furnaces need to function effectively and reliably during the winter season. People living in cold climates can’t even imagine living through the months of peak winter cold (December, January, February) without a fully-functional furnace on their property. 

One thing you need to understand is that a furnace on the verge of breakdown often starts making strange noises. It is important to mention here that these noises are different from the regular hums and occasional pops and clicks you hear from your furnace.

So what are those strange furnace noises you need to be aware of?

This post will dive into all of those unusual furnace sounds you need to be aware of. By identifying those sounds and immediately acting on them, you can ensure you don’t have to spend a day without heat during the ongoing winter season.


The rattling sound coming out of your furnace can indicate many serious underlying issues. First, rattling may occur due to a loose or broken part of the furnace’s fan or motor. In some cases, a damaged heat exchanger also produces a rattling sound.

A damaged heat exchanger has very serious consequences. A crack in the exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide leakage in the apartment/house/building. Therefore, never ignore rattling sounds coming out of the furnace and immediately call a heating expert to inspect your unit for its fan, motor, and heat exchanger.


A screeching sound is not as consequential as rattling. Nonetheless, it points to a problem that affects your furnace’s efficiency. When a blower motor of the furnace doesn’t work properly, it starts producing those screeching sounds. This noise indicates that your furnace is failing to circulate the warm air around your home.

3 “C” Sounds to Be Aware of


Continuous clicking sounds coming out of the furnace can have many root causes. It could be due to clogged fan shafts and inducer blowers. Faulty pilot lights, frame sensors, and ignition can also cause continuous clicking sound where the furnace fails to switch on.


Metal clanking sounds rarely comes from the furnace. However, when you notice such sound, it indicates a serious underlying problem, i.e., a malfunctioning blower wheel. Don’t keep running your furnace if it is producing a sound as if a metal is rubbing against the metal. Switch it off and call any seasoned heating expert to troubleshoot the issue.


Chirping is common when you take the furnace out of hibernation after the long spell of spring, summer, and a bit of fall. If your furnace and all its components are working fine, this chirping sound will go away after a while. However, if it persists, you may need to replace the fan belt. This, like all furnace services, is a job for professionals.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a reliable contractor for all HVAC services in Stamford, CT. Our experts will service your furnace to ensure that you can spend the chilly winter spell without facing heating issues.

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