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Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Boiler?

in-floor-heatRadiant floor systems, baseboard radiators, and steam radiators are great for centralized heating of a building. However, the effectiveness of these heating articles primarily depends on how good the boiler is working at the backend. If the boiler is not in its optimal working condition, you won’t be able to make the most of your radiant heating system.

Since property owners don’t have to replace and buy boilers too often, they don’t know the right time to replace one. In this post, we will shed light on some of the signs that strongly suggest you need to say goodbye to your existing boiler.

Fluctuating Temperatures

If you notice that your boiler has started taking longer than usual to toast up, you need to pay immediate attention to it. Get in touch with us for any  HVAC services in Stamford, CT, including having your boiler inspected. Similarly, sudden and implausible temperature fluctuations are also a sign of worry and need professional attention.

If the boiler keeps behaving the same way despite getting professional maintenance and repair, it is a clear indication that your existing boiler needs a replacement altogether.

Mounting Energy Bills

Mounting energy bills during winter despite no usage or load changes may also point toward a faulty boiler. Instead of putting up with excessive utility bills, ask our HVAC experts to inspect your boiler. Boilers that have developed irreparable faults experience a sharp decline in their efficiency that eventually translates into hefty energy bills.

If that’s the case, a trustworthy HVAC expert will suggest replacing the boiler rather than endless spending on its pointless repairs.

Gas and Water Leaks

Boilers seldom experience leakages. But when they do, it indicates a significant issue with its components. If you notice even the slightest tinge of gas in the air around the boiler, shut down the main gas valve and call professionals. Similarly, don’t ignore water leaks because they can also worsen into an irreversible fault. Some of those leaks may also force you to replace your existing boiler.

Operating Life

Last but not least, you need to be aware of the operating life of your boiler. If your boiler has already gone past fifteen years of operation, it is often a good idea to replace it. In many cases, property owners are using boilers that have gone beyond their prescribed operating life. They keep their boilers alive through expensive repairs and overhauls. It is a wrong approach and entails heavy overheads throughout colder months.

By retiring your old boiler that has run its course and replace it with a new efficient model, you can save yourself from two significant recurrent costs.

  • High energy bills
  • Cost of frequent and extensive maintenance and repair

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a reliable contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Stamford, CT. Our experts are equipped to troubleshoot and service all sorts of residential boiler models.

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