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Finish Off the Cooling Season With These Tips


Your air conditioner deserves a round of applause! What a lot of work it’s been doing for the past few months. But while autumn is just around the corner, it’s not time for your AC unit to step down and get some rest quite yet. The end of the summer brings with it some challenges for AC units. Here are some tips to keep your air conditioner running smoothly until fall.

Decrease the Workload

Anything you can do to lessen the amount of time your air conditioner spends running will be a big win. It will save you money when your electric bill needs to be paid, yes, but there’s more to it than that. Less use means less wear and tear, less system strain, and a longer life for your air conditioner, with fewer repair needs. 

First, keep in mind that air conditioners really aren’t designed to lower the temperature by more than twenty degrees. On an extremely hot day that’s hitting 95 outdoors, don’t set your thermostat lower than 75. Any lower would not really get your home cooler, but it would increase the use of electricity and put a lot of strain on the compressor. As this is the most vital and least replaceable component, you don’t want to damage it!

Next, what can you do to require less cooling power? Make sure that when sun is hitting your windows, your curtains are closed. You don’t need to turn your living room into a greenhouse. Make sure doors and windows shut tightly, or use weather stripping or caulk to seal up any drafty areas. This will be a good investment for keeping your heat in during the winter, too! And don’t forget about your ceiling fans. Set them to spin counterclockwise. Moving air means more molecules passing by your skin and carrying heat away with them, so you’ll feel cooler even if the thermostat says the house is the same temp.

Clean Air Conditioners Work Better

Your technician cleaned your AC unit thoroughly during maintenance. (Right? You do get annual maintenance to improve efficiency, maximize effectiveness, avoid repairs, and help your air conditioner live a longer, happier, less-costly life, right?) But that was months ago, and there’s been plenty of time for mess to accumulate.

Clean your air filter. This should be done every month during the heat of summer, and will help to keep air flowing with ease, rather than forcing the compressor and fan motor to struggle with pulling air through a clogged filter.

Check your indoor unit. If the coils are dusty, you can use compressed air to gently blow the dust away. Mess on evaporator coils can reduce the amount of heat the refrigerant can absorb, making the unit work harder.

Check your outdoor unit. If there’s dried mud or lawn clippings on it, wash it down with a hose, just make sure to use a gentle stream of water to avoid damaging the fins or coils. If plants are encroaching, trim them back. Messing on and around condenser coils can reduce the amount of heat the refrigerant can release outdoors, again, making the unit work harder.

If you do have any need for maintenance, repair, or air conditioning installation in New Haven, CT, we’re ready to answer any questions you have.

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