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It’s Time to Go With a Rooftop Unit


If you own a business or a commercial building, your HVAC system might be one of your biggest concerns. That’s especially true if you have an aging HVAC system or one that isn’t meeting the current needs of your building. But business owners have a lot of other things they need to focus on! You should be able to rely on your HVAC system. If you don’t have a rooftop unit, you might be amazed at how much better they can make things for your building. There’s a reason most commercial buildings have rooftop units for their HVAC systems. Actually, there are several reasons!


The rooftop units that can be purchased today are available in higher SEER2 rating levels than any other types of systems. This means that they use less energy to accomplish their job. They also have greater ventilation and airflow around the unit than any other option because they are out in the air and open on all sides, further increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. A lower energy bill is a big benefit to you, and reducing your environmental impact is a big benefit to the earth. 


Perhaps you don’t consider the rooftop particularly accessible. But here’s what we mean: the entire unit is in one place, allowing technicians to access it easily and streamlining maintenance. Your technicians will also be out of the way of the other users of your building, so workflow or regular business operations won’t be impacted. And there are things you don’t want having access to your HVAC units that can be entirely avoided by having them on the roof. Vandals, for example, won’t be able to reach them, and neither will the accidentally-swerving cars that might damage HVAC units near the ground floors of buildings.


Commercial HVAC units are not small. Trying to find room for them in an old building can be frustrating or impossible. Removing them from the interior of your building when you get rooftop units installed can free up a truly delightful amount of space that can now be used for other purposes. In fact, this is why rooftop units were first invented: business owners wanted access to the new-fangled central air conditioning that was suddenly all the rage, but their buildings hadn’t been designed with space for those units in mind. Rooftop units made air conditioning possible without any need to sacrifice space.


Because the units are located out of the way rather than inside the building, they are much quieter for the people who use your building. This in turn can make people more comfortable, and more willing to spend more time—and more money—in your businesses.

It’s absolutely critical to have your building’s needs assessed by a qualified expert in commercial air conditioning in Stamford, CT, and to have your new units professionally installed and maintained in order to comply with warranty requirements and reduce the risk of needing repairs. If you’re ready to find out more, we’re ready to help.

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