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Has the Time Come for Heating Repairs?

Winter in Connecticut is a very, very cold season. It can also really overstay its welcome. Your heater is going to be doing a lot of hard work over the course the winter, and it is possible that your system will encounter operational problems from time to time.

When that happens, you really cannot afford to waste time. You need to schedule prompt heating repairs in Stamford, CT. That way, you can limit any period of discomfort and reduce the risk of serious damages to your system. 

What Are Some Warning Signs of Heating Problems?

The most obvious sign that your heater needs repairs is obviously a complete breakdown. However, you obviously don’t want to let “minor” problems with your heater slide until you are faced with such a situation. That is why we like to remind homeowners that there really is no such thing as a problem minor enough to ignore.

  • Strange sounds could indicate that there is a problem with your heater. You may hear a grinding, banging, or screeching coming from a furnace, boiler, or heat pump (potentially in either the indoor or outdoor components of the latter). There are a lot of potential causes of such problems, so a professional diagnosis is a must.
  • Alarming odors are another warning sign that something is amiss. If you ever smell gas, for instance, you could be dealing with a dangerous situation and should contact the appropriate authorities immediately. You could also smell burning, which may suggest that the system is overheating or that there is a burner issue.
  • High operating costs may not be quite as obvious a sign of trouble, but you should definitely pay attention to your heating bills. The more you run your heater the more you will pay, obviously. However, if you notice an inexplicable spike in your heating costs, a problem of some sort with the system is a real possibility.

Schedule your heating repairs with the professionals here at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

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