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Heating Maintenance: It’s Not Too Early

old-furnaceWhat’s that you say? You’re still using your air conditioner, so it’s not really fall yet? Well, perhaps there will still be some hot days, and then there will certainly be some mild ones, but we all know that the days are getting shorter, and winter is creeping closer. It’s time to schedule heating maintenance because you don’t want to be caught by surprise when the first truly cold weather arrives.

There are several reasons to schedule your maintenance sooner than you think you need to, and they all involve avoiding inconvenience, saving money, or both.

More Convenient Scheduling

When you still have weeks ahead before the weather turns, it’s easy to find an appointment time that fits your schedule. And if you get ahead of the rush, we’ll have the widest possible range of available appointments.

Find Problems While There’s Time to Fix Them

If your fall inspection reveals a problem with your heater, you’ll want time to schedule repairs. If that problem should involve a part that has to be special-ordered or something else that necessitates a delay, you’ll still have time to get everything working smoothly before the weather gets cold.

Keep Your Heater Under Warranty

A new or new-ish heater may still be under warranty, and annual maintenance is often a requirement for keeping it under said warranty. Making sure you get that maintenance on time could save you a lot of money down the line, especially if significant problems arise.

Avoid Emergency Repairs

If you do start your heater up without maintenance, you might discover a problem when it’s already very cold out. Or, running your heater without maintenance might cause more wear and tear to an existing small problem. That could turn it into a much bigger problem quite rapidly. Either way, you could end up in the position of needing emergency repairs. This means three things: sudden costs, inconvenient scheduling, and being cold while you wait.

Prevent Increases to Your Utility Bills

A well-maintained heater is an efficient heater, using the least possible energy to do the work of keeping your house warm. This means you won’t use unnecessary energy to get the same job done. Your budget and your planet will both benefit from investing in early maintenance.

Extend the Life of Your Heater

A home furnace can easily work for ten or fifteen years—sometimes more—if it is maintained annually. Without that maintenance, you may find yourself in the market for a new heating system much sooner than you’d expected. And we can all agree that the expenses and inconveniences of that are best avoided.

When you have our expert team provide your heating maintenance in Celco, you will be saving yourself a lot of bother and money in the future. With the maintenance done, you can rest easy, enjoy the beauty of autumn, and know you’ll be cozy and comfortable when the snow flies.

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