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Signs Your Air Conditioner is Struggling

technicians-working-on-AC-unitYou may have encountered this scenario in many aspects of your life: something has gone wrong, and instead of having it addressed promptly, you delayed repairing an item or system. You kept using it. Then, when you finally got around to seeking repairs, you found that ignoring a small problem had caused a much larger problem to occur. This can happen with many things—a bicycle, a car, a gutter on your house. And it can definitely happen with your air conditioner. 

But what if you want to get repairs done as soon as a problem occurs, to avoid having this unpleasant scenario play out… and you simply don’t know how to tell when there is a problem with your air conditioner? Here are some basic signs you can keep an eye (or an ear) out for so that you’ll know when it’s time to call a professional.

Hot Spots

If your AC unit used to keep your whole space at a comfortable temperature but you’ve started to notice places where the cool air no longer reaches, that is a sign of a problem. If your AC unit runs but never quite seems to get any area cool enough, that is a sign of a problem. Either of these symptoms could be caused by a variety of issues, and some of those issues can become quite serious if left unrepaired. 

Increased Energy Bills

If you notice that your electric bill is getting more and more expensive during the cooling season, even though you have been using your AC the same amount, it could indicate that the system is struggling. If it has to work harder to cool your home because of a problem inside the unit, it will be less efficient and use more energy, costing you unnecessary money. It would be better to put that money toward making sure your air conditioner works more efficiently.

Short Cooling Cycles

An air conditioner uses a lot of energy to start up. They are designed to work in longer cycles to save energy and preserve their components. If you notice yours turning on and off every few minutes, it may be because something needs repairs—and it may be causing further damage the longer you allow it to run that way.

New or Worrisome Noises

Air conditioners will always be making some amount of noise while they’re running. The fan whirrs, the compressor hums, and water that has condensed on the cool evaporator coils drips. But if your air conditioner starts making new noises, it is definitely cause for concern. Loud booms or bangs, buzzing or hissing, bubbling, or clacking should all be considered reasons to call for prompt repair. These noises can be made by something as simple as an off-kilter fan blade or as serious as a hazardous electrical problem, and you should not delay in having a qualified, experienced technician diagnose the issue.

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