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How Can I Get Zone Control in My Home?

Zone control is a unique feature in some homes, but one that nearly any homeowner can benefit from. With a zone control system, you’ll get individual thermostats installed in each room or zone, which any family member can control separately from the other rooms. This helps to keep everyone more comfortable, and it can save homeowners a lot of money. If you shut off the air and heat or adjust the temperature in a room that goes unoccupied throughout the day, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in heating or air conditioning bills over the years. And a zone control system can help to keep temperatures even in homes where maintaining consistency is difficult, such as those with multiple floors or unusual architectural designs.

If you’re worried that your current forced-air air conditioning system cannot accommodate zone control, never fear. Most ducted heating and AC systems can be modified to include zone systems. Dampers are installed throughout the ductwork in any area of the home you’d like to control separately from the others. These dampers open and close to increase or decrease airflow. Each damper hooks up to its own thermostat, but you can also control all of the thermostats at once with a master thermostat.

This job will require a specialist. The technician needs the proper tools in order to cut access holes into the ductwork. Furthermore, the technician must select the proper size and shape of damper for the job and the ideal location in the ducts for the damper to perform most effectively.

Don’t have any ductwork for zone control in your home? Renovating your home to accommodate ductwork is quite a task to take on, and can be rather inconvenient and time consuming. However, you can still get zone control when you choose a professional for ductless AC installation. This is not the same as those noisy window units to which you may be accustomed. Ductless ACs contain an outdoor unit just like a traditional split system air conditioner and several indoor air handlers mounted high up on the walls. Each air handler comes standard with its own thermostat for built-in zone control, and these are some of the most efficient systems for those without any ducts.

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