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Can I Replace a Tank Water Heater with a Tankless Unit?

If your water heater is like the ones found in most homes in the United States, it probably takes up a lot of space due to the large tank that stores hot water. This type of water heater is known as a storage tank water heater, and its design is effective because it relies on natural processes in order to make hot water available at all times. However, this means that the water heater must continue running for long periods of time, which could end up costing you quite a bit on your utilities. That’s why so many homeowners today prefer small tankless units, but does it make sense to make the switch in your home?

Storage tank water heaters are very reliable and rarely run into trouble as long as they receive occasional maintenance checks. They work in a fairly simple manner. A long tube runs to the bottom of the tank and water is heated either via an electric heating element or a gas burner. The hot water rises to the top of the tank because of the principle that heat rises, and a smaller pipe at the top of the tank allows the water to flow from the tank into the faucet. While this is generally highly effective, the extra cost of keeping water heated throughout the day and the environmental impact sometimes leads homeowners to go tankless.

Tankless water heaters can usually replace storage tank water heaters, though water heater replacement isn’t really recommended unless your existing unit is nearing its expected lifespan or if you have run into problems with your system, as this is the most cost effective time to do so. Tankless water heaters heat water immediately as it water passes through the unit and shut off as soon as the hot water demand is met, eliminating any potential standby energy loss. Though the initial cost may be high, the savings over the years should eventually make up for it.

It’s best to finalize your decision with the help of a professional technician, so that you can make sure the conditions in your home are right for any type of system you desire.

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