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Reasons for a Lack of Hot Water from Your Boiler

Homeowners and business owners alike know how comforting it is to walk into a building and instantly feel the heat emanating from a “radiant” heating system. While radiant heating is a common term used to describe the heat generated by a boiler, it’s actually convective and conductive heat that get the job done. Hot water moves into a radiator or baseboard heater or underneath the floorboards, in turn heating the objects and people in the room. Forced-air heating systems, which heat up the air to send it into a room through the vents, can be ineffective at heating large spaces, but a boiler is usually reliable.

That’s why it can be so surprising when your boiler suddenly stops providing heat or only provides a limited amount of heating to a room or to the entire building. Many parts can be responsible for this problem, so it’s important to trust the repair to professionals.

  • Broken Circulator Pump: The circulator pump circulates hot water from the boiler to the terminal unit (radiator or baseboard) or underneath the floorboards if you have a radiant floor heating system. If the pump is broken completely or if it does not pump water quickly enough, you may only feel limited heating in one room, or you might not get any heating in any area. Usually, the pump simply needs replacement.
  • Faulty Aquastat: The aquastat is a safety component that keeps the boiler from overheating. It usually has a lower limit and an upper limit, and attempts to keep the temperature between these two extremes at all times. If the temperature is too high, it shuts off the device, but if the aquastat is misprogrammed or damaged, it may believe the temperature is too high and shut down the system too soon.
  • Air in the Pipes: If there is air in the pipes, it will make it difficult for heat to circulate. Furthermore, you’ll often hear a loud gurgling or banging noise in the pipes and you’ll need a technician to “bleed out” the extra air.
  • Oversized/Undersized Boiler: Unfortunately, a lack of heating is sometimes attributed to a boiler that is not properly sized. You may need a replacement system in order to maintain adequate and efficient heating.

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