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What Is an Automatic Standby Generator?

Years ago, it was unfathomable for a homeowner to have a generator available for backup power, a unit that was one only really found in hospitals and other emergency service locations. But these days, we rely on our home heating and air conditioning equipment and other electric appliances and fixtures to make it through the night. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to have a portable generator, but these are most common for camping trips or plugging in one or two small applications. An automatic standby generator is a must-have in many homes since it can power all of the important appliances throughout the house.

An automatic standby generator is a large unit that sits outside of your house and is wired into the home, much like a standard two-part air conditioning system. When the automatic standby generator senses that there is no current running through the home, it activates within seconds, using natural gas or propane to run many or all of the most vital electrical components of a home.

A professional will need to help you choose the right automatic standby generator because the size of the unit your technician installs will depend on how many amps you need to energize. If you need to run an air conditioner in the event of an outage due to a family member’s medical needs or because an outage would make life unbearable, you’ll need a strong generator capable of powering a heavy-duty motor. If you only need to power the lights and a few basic necessities, you can spend less money on a smaller unit.

People choose to install generators for various comfort, health, or occupational reasons. But few homeowners think about the potential savings that goes along with a whole-home generator. During a power outage, a homeowner can lose hundreds of dollars in food due to spoiling, thousands repairing burst pipes, and hundreds on hotel costs or alternative living arrangements.

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