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How Does a Tankless Hot Water Heater Work?

There’s a lot of talk about tankless hot water heater systems, and many homeowners enjoy the benefits this type of system has to offer. However, it can be pretty confusing when it comes to understanding how a water heater with no storage tank can produce enough hot water for an entire household. The experts from Celco Heating and Air Conditioning would like to give you an overview of how this type of hot water heater does, in fact, provide you with all the hot water your home in Celco needs.

How It Works

The key to a tankless hot water heater is the heat exchanger at the core of the appliance. Tankless systems can use either electricity or gas to heat the water, but all tankless units have a heat exchanger. This is what happens when you turn on a hot water tap in your home:

  • The tap triggers the cold water intake valve to open
  • The heat exchanger warms
  • The cold water flows into the heat exchanger
  • Heat is transferred to the water
  • Once the heat reaches the pre-set temperature, it flows up and into your open tap

While it may seem like it takes a lot of time to get hot water, this entire process happens in 3-5 seconds.

Why Consider This Type of System?

Here are the reasons why a number of homeowners are choosing to “go tankless”:

  • Very good energy efficiency – heating water on demand means you are only using gas or electricity when you need hot water, not on a cycle; you also won’t lose any thermal energy to standby heat loss because there is no tank.
  • Endless hot water – getting hot water on demand means there is endless water for your home.
  • Long lifespan – the average lifespan of a tank hot water heater is 10-15 years; a tankless  unit has an average lifespan of 20 years.

Want to know if a tankless hot water heater is a good fit for your home? Call our pros today!

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