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It’s Not Chilly Yet, But It Will Be Soon – Is Your Heating System Ready?

Some of us are still going to the beach, so thinking about getting ready for winter isn’t something you may be ready to do. But winter is coming, and the one of the best ways to make sure you have the heat you need on that first chilly day is to have your heating system professionally maintained. What do we mean by “maintained”? In short, it’s time to call and schedule your heating system in Stamford, CT, for annual maintenance.

Is It Really Necessary?

We hear this question a lot. Will your system run without maintenance? Probably, unless it hasn’t been maintained in years. But the better question is: will it run well? And the answer is, not likely. The EPA has determined that for every year you don’t have your heating system properly maintained, you’ll lose 5% of the system’s efficiency. That translates to more usage of fuel, but also to less ability to properly heat your home and the potential for more problems. This is because maintenance is an in-depth appointment that involves a number of tasks. These tasks are designed to give your heating system the full tune-up it needs to work well throughout the fall and winter months. But they do more than that. A maintenance appointment allows your system to be energy efficient, puts your heater in good working order, helps you get ahead of potential repairs and helps extend the life of your system. Maintenance is an appointment that helps ensure your system is reliable and efficient, even on the coldest days.

Call Us Today

September is a great time to schedule a maintenance appointment because we aren’t in the rush of fall heating yet. Call us today, and let our Celco Heating and Air Conditioning heating technicians get your heating system ready for winter 2015/16.

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