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How Much Space Does a Geothermal System Need?

Geothermal heat pumps are fantastic ways to get home comfort: they require little energy to run, experience few problems from outdoor temperature fluctuations, and produce no emissions from burning fuel. However, geothermal systems will not work with every home, and one of the reasons is the amount of space they require to operate efficiently. A geothermal system requires very little space inside your home; it’s the lines and coils placed in trenches beneath and around your home that need the space.

Before deciding on going with geothermal heating in Hamden, CT, contact a professional installation company.

The technicians at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning can survey your home and property, calculate your heating needs, and then determine if a geothermal system is ideal for you and how much space it will require. Some homes may not have enough space available to make a geothermal heat pump feasible; our technicians will have many alternate options that will suit your needs.

How Much Space Will My Geothermal Heating System Take Up in My Hamden, CT Home?

There is no simple answer to the question of how much space a geothermal system will take up: it depends on how much heating and cooling power your home requires. The trenches for the coils that carry the vital refrigerant need to go at least 6 feet deep in order to find a stable temperature in the earth. The length of these buried coils will depend on your house size.

A useful benchmark: about 400 to 600 feet of horizontal loops are needed for each ton of energy required to heat or cool. A mid-sized house usually requires a 3 ton unit, and so it would need space for approximately 1200 t0 1800 feet of coils. If there is less space available, vertical instead of horizontal loops can be used; this usually costs more to install, but does allow for homes with smaller property to get geothermal benefits.

Since determining the length of coils you will need depends on how much heating or cooling your home requires, you should bring in experts early in the process to perform a heat load calculation that will determine your specific needs. Once the technicians know how many tons of energy you will need, they can estimate the amount of coils the job will take and if you have the space for it.

Since you should never attempt to install a geothermal system on your own or hire amateurs to handle it—simply digging the trenches is too arduous and difficult—you will need experts involved at some point. It’s best to have them there at the beginning, so you know if geothermal heating for your Hamden, CT home is the best choice. Celco Heating and Air Conditioning has offered heating services to Hamden, Connecticut since 1976 with quality home comfort service, so contact us when you have questions about geothermal systems.

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