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How to Keep Your Heater Working Well This Winter

It’s about time to bundle up for another Connecticut winter. “Bundling up” can be a cozy feeling, especially if you can come in from the outdoors to a warm home whenever you need to. The heater in your house is an important part of enjoying the winter season all the way to the first thaw of spring (and a bit beyond, since we all know April can throw occasional snowballs at us).

We want you to have a toasty warm winter—and that means having a heater in good condition. Here are some tips from our experts on how to help ensure your heater works well all season long.

However, should you need heating repair in Hamden, CT, you can contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for 24-hour emergency service that will give you back your cozy home in no time at all.

Tips for a healthy heating system this winter

Change the air filter regularly: This applies to heat pumps and furnaces, both of which use forced-air to distribute heat through your home. The filter traps debris and dust and other contaminants that might cause trouble to the heater’s interior—and if it becomes too clogged because it hasn’t been changed for a long stretch, it will restrict air flow, forcing the heater to work harder to reach its target temperature. If the filter becomes extremely clogged, it could lead to damage inside the heater’s cabinet. Change the filter once a month during the heating season and you should have few problems.

Make sure heat isn’t finding ways to escape your house: Your heater faces a major enemy lurking inside your home: insulation leaks. Heat will escape to the outdoors through cracks around doors and windows, through the attic, up the fireplace chimney, and in any spot with deteriorating insulation. As this happens, your heater will have to work harder to compensate, and this will make it wear down faster (it will also cause a spike in your bills). Make sure you properly winterize your home to seal up heat leaks: caulk windows, put weather stripping around doors, replace old insulation, etc.

Schedule regular maintenance for your heater: If your heater doesn’t receive regular professional inspections and tune-ups, it risks aging faster and eventually breaking down. In this way, your heating system is not much different from your car, and you should give it the same level of maintenance. Schedule a maintenance visit from an HVAC professional during the fall, and have it done every year.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning offers an excellent maintenance program to help get you care for your heater. If you enroll in our maintenance program, aside from regular tune-ups and inspections, you will also receive a 15% discount on our services and priority scheduling.

Contact us today for maintenance or any heating repairs you may need.

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