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How to Get the Most Efficiency from Your Electric Furnace


Congratulations on your electric furnace! The simple fact that your furnace is electric means that your home is being heated with high levels of efficiency. While some energy is lost from even the newest and most energy-efficient gas furnaces, every bit of energy that your electric furnace consumes is turned into heat for your home. There are still things that can gradually decrease the efficiency of your electric furnace over time. To keep that high-efficiency level, follow these tips.

Clean the Air Filter

As your furnace pulls air through to be heated and blown out your vents, a lot of particles come with it. Dust, pet hair, and other fibers and specks are no good for the moving parts of your furnace, so it has an air filter to catch them before they gum up the works. But as the filter accumulates a layer of dust, the furnace has to work harder and harder to pull air through that clog. Keep your air filter clean and you’ll be keeping that strain to a minimum, so your furnace will continue to work at a high-efficiency level. 

During times of heavy use or when there’s a lot of extra dust in your air, clean the filter every month. When you’re only using your furnace occasionally, such as in spring and fall, you can clean it every three months. If you’re not sure how to go about this, check your owner’s manual or reach out to us for guidance.

Annual Maintenance

Your furnace’s efficiency will drop by about five percent each year due to dust build-up, lack of lubrication, and other minor issues. A tune-up by a qualified professional each year will counteract that and bring the efficiency back up. This has the added benefits of decreasing the likelihood that your furnace will need repairs and increasing the lifetime that you can expect your furnace to last.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

If you’re still getting by with a simple, old thermostat, you might not realize just how different the new ones are. A smart thermostat can be set from anywhere with an app on your phone and is easy to program for your schedule. This way, you’ll never use more energy than you need by keeping an empty house toasty warm. Furthermore, a smart thermostat will track your energy use and offer assessments and personalized tips for saving even more energy.

Check Your Ducts

According to EnergyStar, it’s common for homes to lose 30% of their heat through damaged or leaking ductwork! Having your ducts inspected and sealed could be an easy way to save a huge amount of energy, which means a big boost to your bank account and a major decrease in your home’s carbon footprint.  


Did you know that dry air can’t hold or transfer heat as well as air that has more moisture in it? That means that the same air temperature feels quite different when the humidity changes. Keeping your home’s air at or above 40% will help you to feel warmer without raising the thermostat, so you can be cozy and comfortable while keeping your energy consumption low.

If you have any questions about your electric furnace in Celco, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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