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What to Expect During Furnace Installation


This time of year, you’re more likely to notice if your furnace simply isn’t cutting it anymore. During the coldest weather, you should still be perfectly cozy and comfortable in your home. If you’re not, it might be time to replace your furnace.

One of the things many customers are concerned about is that they don’t know what is involved in the process of having their furnace replaced. We’ll go over the factors that we consider during furnace installation and how long you should expect the process to take.

How Long Installation Takes

While we can’t give you an exact amount of time, because there are many considerations that can affect it, most furnace installations take somewhere between four and eight hours. Having the area around the furnace and the route from the driveway to the installation site as clear as possible will expedite the process. Before your installation appointment, it’s very helpful if you take a moment to move obstructions and make sure doors open all the way. 

Changing Fuel Sources

One factor that many people ask about is whether it’s reasonable to choose a new furnace that uses a different fuel than their old furnace. The answer is yes! If you have an old oil furnace and are hoping to switch to a gas or propane system, we’ve got you covered. This is a factor that will add some time to your furnace installation, but because of our many years of experience, we can make sure it goes smoothly. 

Factors We Consider

Many things contribute to your furnace needs. The age of your home and the condition of your insulation may be factors you hadn’t thought about. The size of your home is a more obvious consideration. All of these can affect what size furnace will work best. When a furnace is too big, or overpowered for the needs of your home, short cycling and duct leaks can occur. If the furnace is too small, and will struggle to meet the heating needs of your home, you can end up with uneven and insufficient heat. 

Either way, the furnace will draw more power than would be necessary with a properly-sized furnace. This means your energy usage, and thus your utility bills, will be unnecessarily high. These problems can also lead to increased repair needs and even a shortened lifetime for your furnace. We strive to ensure that our customers get a furnace that will fit their home and their needs perfectly, keeping utility bills as low as possible and helping furnaces to live long and healthy lives.

One Final Recommendation

We urge you to keep all of your pets shut in a separate area of the house during your furnace installation. While we appreciate cute animals, they can be a distraction and get in the way of the process. No matter how friendly they are, it’s safer for us and for them if they are kept separate from your installation technicians. We would feel terrible if we stepped on a curious paw or let an indoor cat slip outside, and your installation will go more quickly if we don’t have to worry about those things. 

We would love to talk with you about furnace installation and any other questions you have about heating in Stamford, CT. Contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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