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Keep Your Heater Safe By…

Keep Your Heater Safe By…It’s cold out there this winter. Are you doing your part to stay warm inside?

We hope that you are, but if you haven’t been doing all that you can do, we’re going to be here to give you that push in the right direction. We specialize in heating in Milford, CT. Your heater isn’t an inherently dangerous system, but it can become a burden to your home if you’re not taking care of it the right way. The right way to take care of your home’s heater is always with professional heating service.

We’re going to get into some great tips to keep in mind below…

How to Keep Your Heater Safe

There are a few simple precautionary things you can do to keep you, your home, and your family members safe this winter. Here are a few:

1.      Call for Maintenance

You can keep your heater safe with a simple maintenance appointment every fall. Your heater tune-up is about more than just keeping those moving parts well lubricated and functioning. It’s also about keeping your heater working safely. You want a heater that’s going to stay in great shape and you’re not going to be able to get this type of work without the right heating maintenance. Our professionals understand the needs of each type of heating system on the market. You can trust our team to perform quality work.

2.      Change Your Filter

Changing your home’s heater filter is imperative. If you’re not changing your filter at least once every three months, then you should start this winter season. A simple filter change will help your heater stay clean throughout the heating season. This will reduce wear and tear on your heater, lower your energy bills, and help you stay warm with ease.

3.      Clear Your Space

Make sure that you don’t have any large pieces of furniture, curtains, etc. blocking your home’s vents. Your vents need a clear pathway to heat up your space. Anything less can cause unnecessary problems with hot and cold spots throughout your space.

4.      Know the Signs of CO Poisoning

If you have a furnace in your home then it’s important for you to know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. If something breaks in your furnace, this can be one of the more extreme outcomes. Carbon monoxide poisoning may look like fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and even a loss of consciousness in more extreme circumstances. If you’re starting to feel a little off as you run your heater more often, make sure you call a professional.

5.      When In Doubt, Call for Repair Work

Have you ever been unsure of a heating problem that you’ve had in your home? Maybe you’ve noticed that your heater is acting a bit odd, but it’s not so much of a problem that you feel like you need to call a professional. When you’re in a place of doubt like this, it’s always best to call anyway. A small problem has the tendency to grow to a bigger issue as the heating system continues.

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