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“Should I Get a New Heater?”

Should I Get a New Heater?The question has crossed your mind quite a few times this season… “Should I get a new heater?”

You’re wondering this to yourself more often that you’d like to admit. The only thing that’s stopping you from calling up a professional to pull the trigger is… well… the prospect of actually replacing your heater. It’s not all that enticing. You don’t really want someone in your home, you don’t want to disrupt the flow of your daily life, and you definitely don’t want to have to shell out the cash for this unexpected expense.

We specialize in HVAC in New Haven, CT even during the peak of the season. We’re going to get into your home and take the necessary precautions, help you fix things up, and we can even help you finance this service. We do it all because we care about the quality of your home.

You Should Get a New Heater…

Yup! You should get a new heater if you notice any of the following issues:

High Heating Bills

Your heating bills are higher than they’ve ever been before. It’s confusing to you because you’re not doing anything that you haven’t done before with your heater. Maybe you’re using it a little more than you have in past years because you spent more time at home this winter, but the jump in your heating bill is drastic. This is when you should consider a replacement.

Low Comfort

You’re just not as warm as you want to be. If you’ve already changed your filter, called for maintenance, or even had a technician come out for repair work, then it’s time for you to call us. You need to consider a replacement.

Poor IAQ

Your home is dusty, you’re coughing all the time, and you have itchy eyes. These are all problems that can pop up when you have a heater on the decline. Your heater can negatively impact your IAQ. If this is the case with you then you should contact our professionals for heating work.

These are all signs that you should upgrade your heater all on their own, but these problems are magnified if the following applies to you:

You’ve Had Your Heater for More than a Decade

Your heater was built to last, but it wasn’t built to last forever. If you’ve had your heater for a decade or more, then you’re due for an upgrade. Think about replacing your system before you’re put in an uncomfortable predicament. You don’t want to run the risk of a breakdown. This will be as cumbersome as it is expensive.

You’re Besties With Your HVAC Technician

We don’t mean that you and your preferred HVAC technician really click, and you believe that they care… we’d hope this was the case. By this, we mean that you’re calling up an HVAC technician every single fall and winter season. They’re out to your home often. You’ve built such a rapport with your chosen HVAC company that they know you by name.

You shouldn’t have to repair your heater more than once every few years. If you do then you need an upgrade.

Contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today for your heating services. We’re here to help.

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