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New Year, Better IAQ

virus cells on a dark backgroundIt’s a new year! We’re sure that you’re overjoyed to be rid of 2020. If you’re in the spirit of embracing everything new, we know that you’re considering resolutions.

The majority of your resolutions might center around the mind and body. We want you to zoom out and expand your scope to your home. The health of your home contributes to how you feel in your mind and body. If you’re looking to make some improvements in your life, then your air quality is a great way to start. A good entry point is with an air purifier in Greenwich, CT. This can be the system that sets you up with better indoor air quality this new year.

What An Air Purifier Does

So what exactly does an air purifier do?

Well, air purifiers work like this: they sanitize your air by removing harmful contaminants. If you’re wondering about the distinction between an air purifier and an air filter, the distinction is that air purifiers also sanitize the air. Air filters can only remove particles.

They remove a wide variety of things including toxins, allergens, and bacteria. The type of air purifier that you need depends on the specific types of contaminants that you have in your home. Every single home is different. The problems that you have can be different than your next-door neighbor. We’re here to help you figure it out.

4 Signs That You Need One

Now that you know what air purifiers do, you might be wondering if you need one. Here are the signs that you should invest:

A Dusty Home

Your home is dusty all the time. You feel like you’re dusting every single day. You can’t seem to find the source of your dust. Your home is newer and tightly-sealed. The problem might not be with your home’s insulation. It might actually come from your home’s poor ventilation. An air purifier can help you eliminate a problem like this.

Bad Odors

Your home smells bad. You clean it on a regular basis and even go the extra mile to light a candle or plug in an air freshener every now and then. The problems persist though. You don’t know why, but your home has persistently bad odors. This could also be a problem with your home’s ventilation and we’re here to help.

Allergy/ Cold Symptoms

Do you feel like it’s cold and flu season all year round? Are you starting to feel like you’re allergic to your home? You shouldn’t have to struggle with your allergy or cold symptoms at home. If these are things that you’re struggling with, then you should schedule an appointment with our professionals.

Respiratory Issues

If your days are spent coughing, clearing your throat, or struggling to breathe, then you need to take a look at your home’s IAQ. Bad air quality can cause a great deal of respiratory issues. An air purifier can help you sort this out.

Contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for your home’s indoor air quality needs. We specialize in air purification work.

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