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Signs You Need a New Water Heater

Water heaters are built to last quite a long time, especially if you take proper care of them. No matter how well you treat your water heater, though, there will come a point when you need to replace it. It’s important that you be able to identify the signs that you need water heater replacement as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might be in for a nasty surprise one day when you simply don’t have hot water available. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you need a new water heater.

Output is Low

Any water heater can be exhausted, provided you put enough demand on it for a long enough period of time. As a water heater gets older, though, the amount of demand that it will be able to cope with will get lower and lower. If your water heater can no longer deal with even a moderate amount of demand, as it once did, then it’s time for you to consider installing a new one.

Repairs Spike

Provided you schedule maintenance for your water heater at least once a year, you shouldn’t have to have it repaired very often. Most water heaters don’t need parts repaired or replaced more than a handful of times during their lives. The older a water heater gets, though, the more worn out it is and the more repairs it will need. If you need to have your water heater repaired every few months, talk to a professional about getting a new one.


Water heaters last 10-15 years, on average. Past that point, they get so worn down that they start to develop problems like those listed above. If you have a water heater that is older than a decade, you should consider installing a new one for the sake of efficiency.

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