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Why Choose a Gas Furnace?

opening-furnaceSpending winters in Connecticut is unimaginable without having a fully working heating system on your property. Furnaces are among the most popular of all heating systems, and with good cause. A good furnace is able to toast up the given space no matter how much the outside temperature has dropped.

If you have to install a furnace before the end of the year to cope with the peak winter spell of January, but you are still sitting on the fence between gas and oil furnaces, continue reading this post.

Here, we will make a case for why a gas furnace is a better option for your property than any other type of furnace.

It Doesn’t Need On-Site Storage or Deliveries

A gas furnace connects to a natural gas supply line and hence works without a fuel tank. The absence of a fuel tank is a good attribute for these reasons.

  • It eliminates the need for keeping a large fuel tank on-premises.
  • The absence of the fuel tank also rules out the fire and blast hazard.
  • You don’t ever have to worry about running out of fuel or scheduling fuel deliveries.

Gas Is Readily Available in Hamden Region

Natural gas is readily available across the length and breadth of Hamden. There is hardly any property in the entire region that doesn’t have access to natural gas lines. This infrastructure makes fuel procurement for a gas furnace entirely hassle-free. In contrast, if you install an oil furnace, you will have to schedule refills of your fuel supply throughout the season.

Energy Efficiency

Oil furnaces are great with their BTU output. However, their immense heat output proves to be in excess for most properties. It is important to mention here that the greater BTU output of the oil furnace comes at greater fuel consumption. In comparison, a gas furnace produces suitable BTU output to warm up properties with energy efficiency and lesser overhead expenses. Natural gas is quite affordable, as well.

Lesser Carbon Footprint

Last but not least, using a gas furnace entails a lesser carbon footprint as compared to an oil furnace. If you strive to have a sustainable lifestyle, a gas furnace is a better option among the two. Plus, the fact that natural gas is a largely domestic product means that the pricing of the fuel is not subject to the volatility of a fuel like foreign heating oil. A natural gas furance allows you to live comfortably throughout the coldest time of the year while keeping more of your dollars domestic. With all of the other benefits that natural gas furnaces, and the fuel source itself, have to offer, it’s pretty tough to make a case against it!

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a reliable contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Hamden, CT. We can install a gas furnace in any residential or commercial property for all the benefits mentioned above. Count on us for a job done right.

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