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Yes, Your Boiler Might Need Repairs This Winter!

boilerOne of the major advantages of heating your home with a boiler is that they require less maintenance in general than the other widely used central heating systems—heat pumps and furnaces. The main reason for boilers needing less maintenance and repairs than other heating systems is that they have fewer mechanical components.

However, this does not mean that boilers are immune to repairs and that they can never develop problems. This is a very wrong assumption about boilers, one that needs to be addressed. That is why we are providing you with a list of some common problems experienced by boilers that heat homes. If you encounter any of these boiler problems in your home, contact us for heating repair in Celco right away.


A boiler is built in a way to avoid leakage. The system is intended to be impermeable, so that oxygen does not get in and oxidize, as this can result in corrosion. When you see any water leaking out of the boiler, from anywhere, immediately contact the professionals for repairs. There is a need to seal the holes, find the source of the leak, and refill the missing water. A boiler leak is definitely not a problem you can ignore.


Minerals in the water can accumulate in the heat transfer system of your boiler over time.  After some years, these particles can form deposits big enough to potentially limit or even obstruct the water flow via the heat transfer system of your boiler.

This results in a huge pressure buildup, as the water evaporates and spreads within the heat transfer system. A rumbling vibration, called “kettling”, is the outcome of this. This condition will cause extreme harm to your boiler if left unchecked. Switch off your boiler immediately and call a professional immediately if it makes the noise mentioned above.

High Water Pressure

When a boiler starts making rumbling sounds, you can expect it to get overheated. Unless it’s prevented, this will cause serious harm to the unit. The cause of the increase in heat and pressure can be detected by technicians and fixed. When you begin to hear rumbling sounds coming from your boiler, don’t waste any time calling in professionals that provide heating repair in Celco.

Damaged Circulator Pump

It is the responsibility of the boiler’s circulator pump to deliver heated water to the different spaces and terminal points from the tank around your home. There will be no heat if this pump breaks. Thankfully, it is a simple task for professionals to fix or replace the circulator pump.

While boilers are less likely to develop problems than other commonly used heating systems like heat pumps and furnaces, they are not immune to developing issues. The good news is that any problem that may develop in your boiler can easily be fixed by a professional service that provides heating repair in Celco.

Schedule service with Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today for boiler inspection and repair in Celco.

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