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Why Choose a Radiant Heating System?

hydronic-heatingRadiant heating has long been a favorite among homeowners and in the commercial sector. There are many reasons why people choose radiant heating over any other residential or commercial heating system. Consider the benefits of radiant heating, and let our pros know if you have any questions.

Continuous, Consistent, and Uniform Heating

Radiant heating systems are primarily installed beneath floors and behind walls. These construction requirements of a radiant heating system play an integral role in making it more consistent and uniform. Since heat tends to move in the upward and outward direction, the heated floors and walls emit most of its heat in the direction of your interior. This makes for continuous and consistent heating. On the other hand, the heating coming from almost all sides of the room ensures uniform heating in the given space without the development of cold pockets.

Efficient Operations

Homeowners also tend to choose a radiant heating system because it runs with efficient use of energy. There are two main reasons why radiant heating systems are more energy-efficient than forced-air systems.

  • A radiant heating system operates without ductwork, thus ruling out all the duct losses.
  • Radiant heating doesn’t result in heated air rising up to the ceiling, where it does no good and necessitates additional heating.

Quieter Operations

Some people get accustomed to the sound of home appliances, while others don’t. If you belong to the latter group and are fed up with clinging and clanking radiator with vents turning on and off all day long, you should consider installing a radiant heating system. Since radiant systems are installed beneath floors and behind walls through a network of closed pipes, they keep your home warm without producing any audible noise.

Allows Zoning

Radiant systems are great for zone controlled heating. If you don’t use all the rooms during winter, you don’t need to heat all of them to the same temperature when you get a radiant heating system for your home. Call the experts of air conditioning and heating in Celco, and ask them about how a zone control system for your radiant heating system can benefit you. Enjoy greater comfort at a lower price!

Offers Fuel Flexibility

Radiant heating systems also offer you fuel flexibility, and that’s another reason why property owners go for it. You can choose a radiant system with the fuel type that suits your pocket, convenience, and lifestyle. From oil to natural gas, boilers offer a lot of different options when it comes to fuel.

Start taking advantage of all that a boiler has to offer. With our cold winter season, it is tough to beat the even, effective, lasting heat that radiant heating systems allow for.  Cut out the inefficiencies of forced air heating in your home!

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a reliable contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Celco. The company can help property owners install a radiant system in line with their heating requirements and budget.

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