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Why Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

old-ACBecause it is broken down and totally incapable of cooling down your home at all? Of course this is a case in which you should replace your air conditioner. It is far from the only one, though. In truth, you really don’t ever want to wait for problems to get that bad before you go ahead and replace your AC. We understand that you don’t want to schedule this particular air conditioning service prematurely, but getting out ahead of the problem is definitely preferable.

In today’s post, we are going to explore a few different scenarios in which an air conditioning replacement is both justified and typically in your best interest. We know that replacing an air conditioner is a big expense for most homeowners, and the idea of doing so before it breaks down may seem counterintuitive. Just remember that you run the risk of discomfort and other inconveniences if you wait too long to do so,  though.

The Age of the System Is one Factor, Not the Factor

A lot of people thinking about replacing their air conditioning systems may be doing so based on the age of that system. Now, don’t get us wrong—the age of an air conditioner is definitely an important factor to consider if you’re thinking about replacing your AC. However, age alone really is not a reason to replace it.

As a system ages, that age can really inform your decisions about replacement. That does not mean that many ACs don’t continue to operate well beyond their projected lifespans, though, nor does it mean that many newer systems are not good candidates for replacement. Keep age in mind, but apply it to the following points of consideration, too.

Overall Performance Quality

Well, your AC doesn’t do a great job of cooling your home, but you suppose it does enough. Good enough? We don’t think so! You deserve a great performance from your air conditioning system, and we want to help you to get it. The first step is figuring out why your system is not living up to your deservedly high standards.

Now, it could be that your system used to work fine, and now it isn’t. That could be resolved with what may be some fairly straightforward repair work. However, if your system never worked that well, it may have been poorly designed or even improperly sized for your home. In that case, replacing it with a unit of the right size is the way to go.

Energy Efficiency—Don’t Overpay for Comfort!

Do you hesitate to cool your home to the level that you’d like because it just costs too much? If this is the case, then please let us know. Replacing your air conditioner is a major expense, but it is also one that can help you to save money over time if you are unable to cool your home efficiently.

Maybe this has to do with age. Some systems are so old that they may be working as efficiently as ever, but were manufactured at a time when efficiency expectations were just lower. Maybe your system has lost efficiency due to years of exertion. It’s also possible that the system is not that old, but you skimped on efficiency to save some money upfront. Whatever the case, replacing this system today can help you to save a lot of money over the course of a lot of tomorrows!

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