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Call for AC Repairs If You Notice These Problems

AC-tools-on-topImagine if you could invest in an air conditioning system that would never give you problems of any kind. Wouldn’t that be something? Of course it would, but what it is is impossible. The fact of the matter is that no matter how well-made, expertly maintained, and downright lucky an air conditioner may be, you are going to encounter problems with your system eventually. When you do, you’ll want to schedule professional air conditioning repairs as soon as possible.

Now, scheduling prompt service with our Stamford, CT air conditioning repair pros is in your best interest, but it begs the question of how you recognize the need for doing so in the first place! You don’t want to wait for a complete breakdown, obviously, but you’re not an HVAC technician that can diagnose problems, either. Well, we’ve got a few tips that will help you to realize that the time for quality AC repairs is nigh!

Your Bills Are Soaring

So your air conditioner is doing a good job of cooling your home down. No problems are holding back its quality of cooling. That’s great. Everything must be fine, right? Well, not so fast. If your system is functioning properly but is costing an arm and a leg to run, then something is wrong.

A lot of problems may not exhibit signs as far as performance goes right away. When you start to see unusually high energy bills, however, you should have your system checked out. It’s very possible that there’s a problem with your system that’s dragging down energy efficiency.

Your System Is Blowing Warm Air

This is a much more obvious sign of trouble, but some homeowners may just suspect that the very hot weather is proving a bit too much for the system to handle. In reality,  there are plenty of problems that could cause an AC to blow warm air. None of them are good.

Take, for instance, a refrigerant leak. A low charge could lead to ineffective cooling and warm air blowing from vents. Left alone for long enough, however, it could also lead to irrevocable damage to your system. That’s why any problems really should be investigated right away. You could also have duct leaks that are compromising your comfort while also driving up your energy costs.

Your System Runs Irregularly

You’ve probably seen us talk about short cycling if you’ve visited this blog before. Short cycling is the situation in which your air conditioner starts up, but runs only very briefly before cycling back down again. It may not seem like that big of a deal if your system is still cooling your home, but it can cause real problems.

While short cycling can be caused by something as simple as a dirty air filter, it can also be the result of a more serious problem. Refrigerant leaks, faulty capacitors, and so on. The best way to ensure that your system is not damaged already, and to prevent further damage, is to work with a trained professional when any such issues pop up.

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